Experience & Capabilities

Titan Electric has positioned itself to perform a wide variety of projects from small to large, simple to complex. We take pride in truly being a full-service transmission, distribution, and substation contractor that can effectively handle the needs of our clients, regardless of the size or scope, without having to sacrifice quality, environmental compliance, or safety. Our top-down structure provides a management template suitable for all types of projects by incorporating consistency, sound decision making, and interdepartmental communication.

Walt & Stephanie Woodbury started the company in 2010. Mr. Woodbury has extensive experience managing large linear construction projects with complex environmental and safety requirements, all of which were completed successfully. Additionally, Mr. Woodbury spent the early part of his career working on the owner side of utility construction projects and has a deep understanding of client needs and reporting requirements. These skills and experiences play an important role in 1) expanding the types of projects we are able to deliver and 2) fostering a more client-oriented approach to managing projects.

The ability and experience of our field personnel allow us to handle smaller jobs with precision and ease. Our extensive resume illustrates that we are more than capable of handling any type and voltage class transmission, distribution, and substation work. Our company support and extensive equipment inventory, in addition to our team of skilled craftsmen, also allows us to execute value added, safe, efficient, environmentally sensitive projects.

Titan Electric has the ability and resources to self-perform more than 90% of its construction activities, including landowner contacts, surveying, right-of-way establishment, road building, site work, foundations, substation, transmission, and distribution work.

The few specialty items that we subcontract are fencing, bus welding, right-of-way clearing, landscaping, testing/commissioning, rebar tying and helicopter work. These are items which are done more efficiently and cost-effectively by firms specializing in those services. We have relationships established with several highly qualified subcontractors, all of which are/have been subject to a pre-qualification process based on several factors including safety and environmental records, and financial stability. Whenever possible, we seek the services of qualified MBE and WBE firms.


Titans’ greatest assets are our employees. As stated, our people are dedicated, innovative and hard working. Divisional operations are supported by the corporate facility by personnel who specialize in various professions within the construction industry having a number of years’ experience.


Titan Electric is a family-owned privately held company that treats its financials with the utmost confidentiality. If you need further details on Titans’ financial position, or would like to review additional statements, our Executive Team would be happy to meet with you at a time and place of your choice.

Project Management

Titans’ strength in planning and executing a project begins with communication. The proposal requirements are immediately divided into specific areas including commercial (terms and conditions), technical (scope, specifications), administrative (invoicing, cost-coding), safety and environmental, equipment, and procurement. This results in a highly collaborative effort when preparing for a potential job. Establishing our project team early on enables us to transition easily through each phase of the project (bid, pre-construction, construction, and closeout). By establishing roles and responsibilities early on, skills are matched with functions, creating accountability within the project team.

Our project teams assess risk factors that could impact job costs and schedules and provide constructability and value engineering ideas. Collaboratively, risks are discussed and mitigated by developing a master schedule loaded with labor, equipment, and material delivery dates. This schedule is monitored and executed by the superintendent.

Internal and external pre-construction meetings are ways in which we enhance the understanding of all involved with the project, and align our means and methods with our customers’ needs. We find these meetings an invaluable tool for the success of a project. In addition to the pre-construction meetings, regularly scheduled progress meetings throughout the course of the project keep the lines of communication open and allow any scope or schedule changes to be addressed as they occur. The frequent and open communication results in a “no surprises” environment, a critical element to success of a mutually beneficial owner-contractor relationship.


Titan Electric prides itself on its equipment. A significant investment is made every year to ensure that our equipment is cutting edge and never outdated. We have a staff of 2 people dedicated to procuring, maintaining, tracking, and delivering equipment and tools all across the country.

If at any time during a project we feel the need to augment our fleet of equipment to meet long-term needs, we have several existing lease agreements and relationships with manufacturers and vendors, including Global Leasing and Terex, which enable us to procure the necessary resources quickly and efficiently. For short-duration peak needs, we seek short term local rental resources. Dealing with local rental agencies will reduce delivery costs and lead times. Technology plays an important role in our fleet operations management. Equipment repairs, maintenance, and parts inventory are controlled through fleet maintenance software assuring the lowest possible managed cost.


All Power-specific equipment (buckets, digger derricks, etc.) are equipped with a default tool set that are stocked prior to demobilization to a project site. All tools are adequately inventoried which eliminates last-minute orders and unnecessary cost. Additional quantities of standard-issue or specialized tools are available upon job-specific requests. Extra tools can be supplied via our inventories in Casper or via national accounts that allow for shorter lead times and lower delivery costs in time-critical situations.